Do You Have Too Much Clutter? A Checklist for The Beginner Minimalist

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Do you have too much clutter?

In a moment we will work together to conclude if you do in fact have too much clutter. For some, having too much stuff might sound like an oxymoron but the reality is that too much of anything can be a bad thing.

In fact, this is pretty much the central maxim of minimalism!

What you learn as a minimalist, is that the more you cut back on unnecessary ‘stuff’ and clutter, the less stress you have, the more free you become and the more you can appreciate the few items that really matter most.

But what is considered ‘too much clutter’?

Take a look at this checklist and let’s find out together if you fall into this category of having too much clutter

Dread the Thought of Cleaning Surfaces?

 Too Much Clutter

Isn’t it time you dusted the shelf in your bedroom?

If you dread the thought of cleaning surfaces like the shelf in your bedroom, you most likely have too much clutter.

If the very thought of that is starting to make your stomach do somersaults, then you have too much clutter on that surface.

It should take just a couple of seconds to wipe down a surface, otherwise you’ll spend your whole life tidying up!

Seriously what fun is that?

Considering Moving to Fit Your Things In?

Beginner Minimalist

This is something a lot of us do without a second thought. But if you’re buying an entirely new house just to store more of your items, then this is really a sign of too much clutter!

You should be able to store everything you own in a small flat – let alone a house!

My husband and I have been discussing buying a new home later this year. One of the things on our must have list is storage. Where we live now we have no storage whatsoever.

So, of-course everything feels cramped even with minimizing and decluttering.

However, we have both agreed we do not want a large home. We want a house big enough for us to live comfortably with our kids and puppydogs.

Although we want storage it will be used mostly for out of season things likes our Kayaks, fishing poles, hunting gear, and outdoors stuff.

Giving these things up is not option as we love the enjoyment we get from these activities. But what do we do with the clutter in the off seasons?

This is when we decided to buy a new home. Then we thought about it “Do we have too much clutter?”

Personally I believe you should evaluate your clutter. To us our kayaks and outdoors stuff is not clutter since we do use them in season.

Our biggest problem is not having a garage to store them in during the winter months.

Now if we didn’t use the kayaks, the fishing poles, or the hunting gear then absolutely I would say buying a new home to fit it in is absurd!

Before you start thinking of moving to fit stuff in you should first evaluate your clutter.

  • Do you have items that you use all year round?
  • Do you have items that you haven’t used in a year? (Try using the One – Year Rule)
  • Do you have anything you could sell or donate?

You might find that you simply have too much clutter and you don’t need more storage or a bigger home.

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Is the Thought of Moving Terrifying?

Beginner Minimalist

Think about moving your belongings right now. Is this something you would be able to do on your own without too much stress?

Or would you have no option but to spend a lot of money on a removals company?

If the latter is true, then this is a very clear demonstration that your possessions are limiting your freedom. You have too much clutter!

You should be able to just up and leave to go wherever the wind takes you – your belongings shouldn’t make you feel trapped!

Unpacked Boxes Under the Bed and on the Wardrobe

Beginner Minimalist

Another way to think about this is the last time you moved.

  • Did you have a boxes of stuff left over from when you unpacked?
  • Did you find that you had many things but no where to put them?
  • Do you still have unpacked boxes?

Are there boxes under the bed, in the closet, or sitting on the wardrobe?

This may not sound like a big deal but it actually has a big psychological impact on how big and spacious a room feels.

It’s important to include space in your home to let it breathe and this is a very important space that you should prioritize.

Run through everything you own in your head…

…Done yet?

If you find this virtually impossible and can’t perform a simple mental inventory of your belongings then you clearly have too much clutter.

Time for some of it to go!

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