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Could you use tools and tips to get organized after you declutter?

If your answer was yes then you are in the right place my friend! After my Declutter Planner sold really well I realized that after decluttering most people aren’t sure how to keep the clutter a bay.

So I spent several weeks putting together a Step by Step Guide to Decluttering Your Home that comes with several checklist and so much more.

Therefore I thought why not write a post that includes all the items I suggest in one place? Below you will find each item mentioned the Step by Step Guide. This will save you time and a trip to the store to get items you choose to use for your decluttering and organization project.

Garage Declutter / Basement Declutter and Organization Tools

If you make a purchase through the links below I will make a small commission. You can read more here.

Simply click on the item you are interested in and it will take you directly Amazon. Be sure to look at similar items as you may find the same item at a lower price or a different style.

  • Garage / Basement

Garage shelving

Pegboard (pegboard hooks, pegboard kit)

Wall-mounted tool organizers

Hidden Content

Kitchen Declutter Tools and Organization

  • Kitchen

Drawer organizers

Plastic bins

Clear glass jars

Color-coded food storage organizers

Magnetic knife/utensil holder

Pull out organizers

Hanging cup rack

(Wall – mount) Spice rack

Tools to Declutter and Organize the Laundry Room

  • Laundry Room

Plastic storage bins

Wall mounted drying rack

Shelving / Removable Shelves

Laundry baskets

Tools to Organize and Declutter Your Bathroom

  • Bathroom

Wall-mounted bathroom shelves

Shower head hanging organizer

Mounted liquid dispenser unit

No-fog mirror

Bath toy organizer

Towel rack

Over-toilet shelving

Closet Declutter Tools

  • Closet


Multi-clothes hangers

Stackable shoe boxes

Over door shoe organizer

Over door handbag organizer


Hidden Content

Office Declutter Tools

  • Office Organization

Drawer organizers

Color-coded folders

Over door/wall organizer

File boxes

Zip ties

Bulletin board

Bedroom Declutter Tools

  • Bedroom

Wicker baskets

Drawer organizers

Plastic bins with lids

Conclusion to Tools and Tips to Get Organized

Focus on decluttering first. After you have decluttered then you want to get organized. Getting and staying Organized is a great way to help you keep clutter away!

Don’t feel that you need to purchase everything on this list. You may find that you only need one item. And that is fine.

Everyone’s needs are different. Just keep in my mind that all the tools listed above are listed because they help.

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