3 Quick Tips on How You Can Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle

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Have you been thinking about adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle?

But maybe you are not sure how or why. Most people assume becoming a Minimalist means you have to give everything up and live with very little, next to nothing.

Truth is this isn’t true. In fact you can be a millionaire and still live a Minimalist Lifestyle. How? Because Minimalism isn’t about how much or how little money you make.

Minimalism is about what matters most. Well at least that is what it means for me. Of-course I am not an Extreme Minimalist either.

If you choose to be that kind of Minimalist there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s your choice and your life.

I believe there are two types of Minimalist. The Minimalist that focus on what matters most like myself and the Minimalist that live with next to nothing.

Let me ask you this, do you find yourself full of respect for those people who live truly minimalist lifestyles?

You know, the people who go for long walks during the day, come home to small homes and cook simple meals so that they can enjoy a quiet evening together?

Sounds kind of ideal doesn’t it! And presumably, it must have taken a lot of time and work on their part to get to that point, right?

Well… not necessarily!

Actually, few things could be simpler than adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle.

In this post, we’re going to look at exactly how you can go about doing just that and start enjoying a more Minimal life today!

Minimalist Lifestyle Mindset

The first thing you need is a mindshift. You need to change your mindset and learn that you don’t always have to push harder and further to be happy, this is a Minimalist Lifestyle Mindset.

Instead, what you need to be happy is right there in front of you and if you don’t agree, that’s because you’ve been misled by clever marketing. Also known as subliminal messages.

You don’t need beautiful clothes, a sports car or a huge mansion to be happy. You just need your family and friends and some spare time. And that doesn’t cost anything.

The more you chase after promotions so you can have more shiny things, the less time you’ll have to actually enjoy said shiny things…

Have you ever wondered how rich folks can be depressed when they have everything? It is because those things will never fill the void in their hearts.

The Bible is full of resources on this very topic. A verse that sticks out to me is:

“For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.”

1 Timothy 6:7, KJV

Simpler is Easier

3 Tips on How You Can Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle

This of course extends to your décor and this is a very tangible expression of a minimalist outlook.

A good thing you can do today to start being more minimal then, is to take your belongings and reduce what’s on display by 60%. Sound extreme?

It may well be but once you do that, you’ll find that what’s left is only the most beautiful and most important to you – meaning your entire home will look much better.

Better yet, it will now be very easy to clean and tidy. See how simpler is easier?

Growing up my mom always had a ton of nick knacks and so didn’t both of my grandmas. I never understood why.

They would spend hours cleaning everyday and to me it just didn’t seem like they really enjoyed it much because they was always complaining.

My aunt on the other who I lived with for most of childhood was very minimal. I can remember she would clean first thing in the morning for a short time and then enjoy her soaps the rest of the day.

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Scale Back

3 Tips on How You Can Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle

The next step you can take is to scale back. Cancel subscriptions to services you don’t need such as a gym membership you don’t use.

Or the many steaming services such as Sling, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, etc. plus Satellite or Cable. And this doesn’t even touch base on all the upgrades to HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax just to name a few.

Ask your self questions like do you really need the latest phone. Or the latest model of your car?

Learn to appreciate the things you already have and try making the most of free time with your family and friends.

All this will move you closer to a Minimalist Lifestyle. As soon as it ‘clicks’, you can count yourself a member of the club!

And remember you don’t have to be low income or make less money to live a Minimalist Lifestyle. The key is focusing on what matters most.

For me and my family that is time with family making memories. We love to go on vacations and day trips both of which costs money.

Because we choose to spend less on things on more on time together we are more happier than ever. Also by spending less on things we are able to give more and tithe more.

Final thoughts on Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle

Things can only bring us happiness for a short time. Just recently I was battling whether to trade my perfectly good car in for a newer model.

I went back and forth because I drove a lot with my job and put several thousand miles on my car in a short time.

Not knowing what to do, I prayed about it and was reminded that my car came with a Lifetime Warranty. If something lubricant wise went wrong with my car I was covered.

The real reasoning I was wanting to trade it in wasn’t because I was worried about the miles. I was wanting the next best thing because it was prettier and smarter than what I already had.

Once I made the decision to keep to keep my car and be grateful for it I again realized I didn’t need a new car to make happy. In fact I saved several hundred dollars a month by not trading it in!

Which gave us more money to the things we love like Day Trips to the Movies and random road trips to for Cheesecake!

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