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Could you use some simple hacks to help you get organized?

If you answered “yes” then you are in the right place! I have hacks that will help you get organized in no time. But first it important to ask yourself some questions.

You see when we want to do something whether it is losing weight or quit smoking you need to know why you want it. Otherwise you will attempt the goal but will fail. Now there is nothing wrong with failing as long as you learn from it.

That is how I learned to get organized. That’s right. By failing.

I failed because I failed to ask myself important questions about why I wanted to get organized.

Have you ever tried to declutter your home and succeeded only for the clutter to build right back up a month or so later? This probably happened because you was looking for a quick fix.

A great example of this is Hoarders. I am sure you have either watched or heard of the show Hoarders on TLC. If you have watched it have you ever taken notice of how the experts talk the the guest through getting rid of stuff? Why they need to get rid of it. Or why they are holding onto something.

This is because when sentimental attachments are developed the mind needs to detach properly. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I care about most? Or, where is my heart leading me?

When you allow yourself to do what you care about most, and only then, will you begin feeling better about your life.

Asking this question will give your HEART a space to speak and be heard. We often get wrapped up in all the “stuff” we have to do, and we often overlook what our heart wants.

  • What do I really, really want to do? Or, ask yourself “is this what I really want?” If the answer is “no”, ask yourself why you’re doing it and then find a way to stop doing it.

So much life is wasted doing things we don’t want to do. Doing what you really want is a process of identifying and letting go of the things that you don’t want and replacing them with things that you do want.

Overtime you’ll re-balance your life to include MORE of what you want to do.

  • How do I want to feel while I’m doing what I’m doing?

If what you’re doing doesn’t give you pleasure while you’re doing it, you may be on the wrong track. Why? Because “doing” takes up much more time then the result.

The result happens once. We reach each goal only once and then it’s over. The journey to our goals is what fills our life with experiences. If you’re not feeling good during the “doing” (aka – the journey) is it really worth it?

  • What is the “for sake of what” behind what I’m doing?

Another way to word this question would be, “In the big picture of my life what purpose does this action serve?” If the answer isn’t clear you may be letting life lead you.

  • What am I going to do?

Make a list of all the things you care about and all the things you don’t really care about. Rank your list in order of importance. This will help you when you as you get organized.

  • How am I going to do it?

Although there are many different ways to get organized I do not want you to get overwhelmed. So I am going to help you figure it out. Keep reading for simple tips and hacks.

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Getting Your Home Organized

Before you go adding a bunch of shelves and storage systems, you need to take some steps first…like getting rid of clutter.

Some people have so much clutter and so much stuff all over the place, they think all it’s going to take is some fancy storage system they have in the home improvement store and everything will be fine. Sadly, this just isn’t true.

A few shelves here and a few more drawers there… and presto! Everything is organized. But that isn’t usually the case.

The problem is much deeper and extremely common. You have TO MUCH STUFF!

And usually, adding storage only masks a bigger problem. Believe it or not.

See, some people think just by putting in storage they can keep more stuff, when in fact all that’s happening is you’re moving things around, making you think you are more organized, but in reality you still have the same amount of clutter … it’s just a little neater.

Which brings me to the point of “putting the cart before the horse.”

Before you even think about storage, you have to do a real, honest assessment of the things you own.

I can almost guarantee you can get rid of some things with no problem. Right?

Clothes, books, tools, boxes of who-knows-what, spare parts, junk…junk…junk.

So before you even begin to think about spending money on storage systems – whether it’s cheap metal shelving or high-end fancy shelving units, start with the horse. The clutter.

Get rid of things you don’t need. Clear off the counters. Empty the drawers. Have a yard sale and clear some space. Then, you can work on the cart.

Simple Tips to Help You Get Organized

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Here are some simple tips and hacks to get organized. Understand that staying organized is a daily task. Unless of course you are an extreme minimalist and own next to nothing once you are done decluttering and organizing.

  • Understand that some level of clutter with a child is going to happen
  • Begin with messes and clutter that you see every day.

Try organizing one room at a time. For example, first the kitchen, then the garage, and then the family room.

  • Use drawer dividers for socks, underwear, lingerie, and tiny items, to keep them separated and organized.
  • Use this same principle to organize your silverware, with clearly defined places for every fork, spoon, and knife with a utensil organizer like the one you can find here.

Think in this same way for every aspect of your home. This will save many hours of searching for things.

It will dramatically cut down on the clutter of items left out “for now” or “until I find a place for it.” Develop a new mantra: everything has its place and a place for everything!

  • Allocate a home for everything in your house.

This way your family will know exactly where to find things and where to put something away at, when they need or use for something.

  • Keep items that are used frequently in places where you can reach them without stooping or bending, and store them close to the place they will be needed.

Cabinet baskets are great way to organize tiny spaces or give you the reachable access you need.

  • Establish one defined place in your house for storing library books.

This will end a house-wide hunt when it is time to read or return them. And you will avoid late fees!

  • Hang hooks or use a key rack for your keys and purse at the entry to your home, so each time you walk in, you can hang them up.

If you have a foyer a small table with a bowl works great too!

  • Get rid of all junk drawers, or allow yourself just one that you clear out once a week or more.

When you establish certain items are being used repeatedly, designate a drawer for those. In my home we don’t allow junk drawers at all. Why? Because they are what I like to call clutter magnets!

  • Enlist a new rule: throw out one old thing for every new purchase you make.

This works great especially if it something you can sell. That way you can use the money from the old item towards the new item. We do this a lot in our home. It is also a great way to scale back on clutter.

  • Make a mental note to observe what things pile up in your house and where they cluster, and then come up with a place nearby that becomes the official home where those things will reside.

For this purpose baskets, shelves, and folders will work well. Set aside one mail basket for you and your partner for incoming mail, bills, and receipts and letters.

  • Create a number of brightly marked folders for discount coupons, invitations and directions, and other time-sensitive papers that just clutter your counters.
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Things you don’t need any longer:

  • Expired medications
  • Clothes you no longer wear
  • Extra paper or plastic grocery bags
  • Old Makeup and Makeup Samples
  • Sunscreen that’s expired or more than one year old
  • Organize your coupons and throw out all that have expired
  • Cookbooks you rarely use (Cut out your favorite recipes)

Final Thoughts on How to Get Organized

Understanding that getting organized is a process will help take some of the overwhelm away. Even if you just organize one room at a time eventually you will get your entire home organized.

Keeping your home that way will take purpose effort on your part. It is possible and many people go from clutter bugs to an organized home all the time. The key is you have to want it and know why you want it.

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