Eating Simply as a Minimalist: 3 Great Tips for Simplifying Meal Time

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Minimalism involves simplifying all aspects of our life, right? Well what about what we eat? Shouldn’t eating simply be a part of what we minimize?

The more efficient we are with the necessary tasks, the more we can enjoy the fun stuff such as the experiences.

Meal time prep is one area that could be streamlined quite a bit.

Instead of spending unnecessary amounts of time in the kitchen and at the grocery store, try follow the suggestions below to help you get more done in less time and with less frustration.

As a mom who works and comes home to run a home based business dinner sometimes gets pushed aside.

I would be lying if I told you I love to cook because I don’t. Cooking has never been an easy task for me. Yes, I can cook but I just don’t like it.

So when I found out I could actually minimize cooking and the task that go along with it, I was game!

Eating simply wasn’t always simple for my family. My son who may possibly be mildly autistic is extremely picky.

One week he likes something and the next he hates it. I have found that by simply including him in the meal planning he is more likely to eat. At least some.

Can’t win every fight, right? We win some and we lose some. And we pick our battles.

This is exactly why eating simply as a Minimalist family has helped us so much! And I believe it could help your family too!

Eating Simply as a Minimalist

Check out these three great tips for simplifying meal time.

  • Plan Ahead

Meal planning can make your life much easier, at least it has mine. It simply involves thinking ahead about your weekly menu in order to make it with less time, effort, and stress.

Planning your menu can be done in a way that best fits your needs and lifestyle, but there are a few things that everyone can build into their routine.

Plan your menu. Some people do this by the month, others by the week.

We do this by the week because we shop weekly. If you shop bi-weekly then bi-weekly would probably work best for you. Same for monthly.

Whichever you choose, knowing what your menu will be allows you to make fewer trips to the store for forgotten or needed items.

I don’t know about you but I hate making dinner only to realize I forgot something! This drives me crazy. Mostly because we don’t live in town and the nearest store is 15 minutes away.

After you plan, you can simply make one or two trips to buy everything you need. Again I prefer 1 trip!

Making your meals in advance can also save tons of time. Spend one day a week cooking, separating, and freezing.

You’ll have meals at your fingertips for later in the week when things get busy.

This is something I have never done but I hear it is golden if you can get it down packed. Of-course I don’t like to cook so to prepare meals in advance isn’t my cup of tea.

However, the menu planning works very well us.

  • Rotate Meals

Making new dishes is part of the fun of cooking. It’s fabulous to try new things, and that should be encouraged in life.

However, there is a real benefit to rotating meals when you’re trying to live a minimalist lifestyle.

Choose your favorite dishes and add them to your regular meal rotation, meaning you’ll prepare each one in a predictable sequence.

It doesn’t have to be that regimented. Just as long as you’re routinely preparing things you are familiar with, you’ll be saving time and hassle.

It’s okay to throw in something now and then, though. Routine simply makes the process more efficient.

For my family one of the dishes we rotate is Chicken and Rice. We all love it, even my possibly autistic son.

We have a couple other dishes that rotate as well but we try not eat them every single week. The last thing we want to do is burn someone out and have to start over.

Hence why rotating is key.

  • Create a Routine

The point of rotating meals is that you get into a habit and the dishes become easier to make when you know what to expect.

Routines are perfect for minimalists because they save you brain power. You’ve already got the basic process down.

It soon becomes easier to implement.

Apply this concept to meal planning. Choose which days to plan, shop, and prepare your meals.

We do our shopping on Fridays. We go to the store with a plan that way we know exactly what we are going to have the following week.

Decide which stores carry the ingredients you need. Rely on the same cooking, freezing, and prepping methods each time.

Our chosen store is Walmart. Mostly because they have everything right there. From time to time we will run to the local grocery store but not very often.

We have been thinking of going back to the meat market for our meat because it is fresh and not processed in any way. Of-course if we choose to move forward with this we will have to change a few things but nothing we can’t handle.

You’ll experience fewer hassles, and you’ll discover meal planning / prep can be a breeze.

Keep these tips in mind when you want to save time cooking.

Preparing meals for yourself or your family doesn’t have to be stressful, and it doesn’t need to eat up hours of your day. Minimizing to Maximize 😉

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