10 Proven and Quick Ways to Decluttering Your Bedroom Fast

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Do you get overwhelmed just thinking of decluttering your bedroom? Does your spouse like to hold onto things? Or maybe you have accumulated some things yourself.

Either way it is normal to become overwhelmed when we look at clutter. On the other hand this is exactly why being a Minimalist and living a Minimalist Lifestyle has its perks!

There is simply less clutter to deal with when you live a Minimalism Lifestyle. I know because I’m a Minimalist.

I have always been a Minimalist but I didn’t know it. In fact I just heard the term “Minimalism” late last year.

At first I thought it was millennial and I thought “What? I’m not a millennial.” Nothing against millennial’s that was just my thought.

But it had my attention so I dug a little deeper and that’s when I realized I was not just the world’s most throwingist away child anymore (that is what my mom calls me), nope, I was a Minimalist!

Finally, I had proof that there was nothing wrong with me! I just like it simple.

A simple life with simple things. So that I can do more of the things that matter most. Like taking my son to the movies.

Your Closet is a Great Place to start Decluttering Your Bedroom

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a closet that’s neatly organized, with room to sort through your items and choose the perfect outfit each day?

That’s one of the many benefits to decluttering your bedroom.

I don’t know about you but I hate searching for something. Only to find it was right in front of my face the entire time!

Unfortunately, most don’t experience such a scenario in real life.

More likely, your closet is stuffed full of items, many of which you probably haven’t wore in months, making it difficult to actually see what you have.

It can be overwhelming and cause a great deal of stress. Once you get things under control, you’ll see things differently. I promise.

Get started decluttering your bedroom by following these tips to declutter your closet space first:

  • Start with the Obvious – Let’s start out with baby steps. Grab the things that are worn out, stained, damaged, or ripped. Recycle them or simply throw them out.

We all have these items. There’s no use holding onto them. If there are things that are wearable, but you know you no longer want, start a donation pile with those items.

  • Find What Doesn’t Fit – Chances are good you’ve been holding onto a number of clothing items that just don’t fit you well.

Either they’re too big, too small, or they simply never fit comfortably to begin with. Now’s your chance to get rid of those pieces.

Yes, your weight could fluctuate, allowing you to wear some of the things again, but the future is hard to predict.

Why hold onto things you may never be able to use?

If it makes you feel better, you can consider placing a few of your favorites in a storage bin under your bed or other area out of the way.

Another technique is to hang the item and turn the hanger backwards. You can read more about this technique here.

  • Remove Off-Season Pieces – You can free up a lot of space simply by removing the off-season items and storing them someplace else so that you can sort through only the clothing you can wear right now.

Be sure not to store pieces that no longer fit you.

  • Don’t Forget the Accessories – Belts, scarves, and shoes take up a lot of space, too.

These pieces can be quite partial to trends, so there are likely a number of them you can easily part with.

Ditch the ones that no longer fit your personality and style, especially the trends that have long gone. Keep the classic items and the ones you really love.

  • Avoid Multiples – Do you have certain pieces in multiple colors? If so, how many of them do you actually wear? Be honest with yourself.

Ditching multiples can be a simple way to pare down the excess. Keep the ones that complement your skin tone, hair color, and other wardrobe pieces. Donate or throw out the rest.

  • Repeat Often – Finally, take on this process more than once a year. Ideally, do it every three months at a minimum.

It will save you frustration and anguish over time. Soon, you’ll get a better sense of your unique fashion signature, and you’ll find yourself only bringing home the pieces that make you feel good.

Follow these suggestions and start streamlining your wardrobe. You’ll feel so much better when your closet is organized and free of those clothing items you no longer need.

How to Declutter your Bedroom so it Stays That Way

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How do I get rid of Clutter in My Bedroom?

I have never really been much of music person. I listen to music in the car, mostly podcasts if I’m being honest, but very little music. In-fact I guarantee I could not tell you who sings what.

Music has just never been a love of mine. However, when I’m cleaning and I mean really cleaning like deep cleaning or decluttering then music seems to get me motivated!

  • Turn on some Music – I don’t care what kind of music gets your bones cracking and your muscles twitching just turn some tunes on.

Music has a way of changing our attitudes. Have you ever heard to listen to your favorite song before going into work? Apparently it helps brighten your mood.

The same goes for decluttering your bedroom. Music can help you get in the mood and get motivated.

I suggest doing this when no one is home. That way you can crank the volume up!

Tip: If you have a Smart TV download Pandora. That way you can listen to music using the TV this allows you to crank it up hence why I suggest decluttering your bedroom when no one is home.

And if you have surround sound it just makes decluttering that much more enjoyable!

  • Gather large trash bags, boxes, empty laundry baskets, or hampers – use the trash bags for trash, the laundry baskets for dirty clothes (that you want to keep), and the boxes or hampers for things to donate.

You can even have a box or hamper designated for things that “Don’t Belong.” These would be things that belong else where in your home. Such as a hair brush, dishes, cups, etc.

  • Dresser Drawers – throw out socks and underwear that either have holes in them or you simply don’t wear anymore.

Same goes for pajamas and any other clothes you keep in your dresser. I like to have a drawer designated for one specific item.

Example, top drawer – underwear and bras, second drawer – socks, third drawer – pajamas, and fourth drawer – (if you have a fourth) use for items like out of seasonal pieces you want to keep and will wear the following season.

  • Shoes – if you have a lot shoes then use a shoe organizer. However, be sure to throw out or donate any shoes that you no longer wear or are simply broke down.

How do I Clean My Bedroom?

Below is a video I found on very helpful on cleaning your bedroom.

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