9 Tiny Decluttering Steps You Can Take Today

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Does the thought decluttering overwhelm you?

What if I told you there are 9 tiny decluttering steps you can take today, yes today, that could potentially change the decluttering game?

Would you be on board?

Let me ask you this:

Have you been procrastinating a home decluttering project?

If you answered yes then chances are, you are simply overwhelmed, or you’re not sure where to start.

These things can trip anyone up on the road to organization.

I know I’ve been there many times myself. And my nickname is the Throw Away Queen 😂

It’s okay you can laugh. My mom calls me that and now my husband does too.

I throw so much stuff away that I have become the tail-end of my husbands jokes.

He told his boss the other day that if they really wanted to clean their garage out, to simply rent a dumpster and invite me over. But to make sure they taped off the cars and anything else they wanted to keep. 🤷‍♀️

In my defense I wouldn’t really throw their cars away 🤣 Unless they was really old and didn’t run anymore. 😉

So what do you do when you find yourself stuck in a pattern of avoidance?

The best method to change that pattern is to start with small tasks.

Even doing just one little thing is progress. To help you along your way, consider these 9 tiny decluttering steps you can take today.

The 30 Days to a Decluttered Home Planner is great way to guide you through the decluttering steps.

Clear the Clutter from a Surface

decluttering steps

Clear your kitchen table. If that’s too overwhelming, choose a segment of your counter-top.

There are several surfaces in your home to choose from. Such as:

  • dressers
  • tv stands
  • night stands
  • bathroom sink
  • desk
  • breakfast bar
  • kitchen island
  • coffee table
  • end tables
  • washer
  • dryer

Make it a surface you see daily, and be sure to keep it spotless.

Clear the Clutter from a Shelf

Now that you have a surface cleared that you will see every day to provide you motivation, you can move on to another small task.

Empty just one shelf. Remember to continue to keep it neat. Some shelves you can clear are:

  • bathroom shelves
  • laundry room shelves
  • closet shelves
  • kids shelves
  • book shelves
  • cube / organizing shelves

Not sure what to do with the clutter once you cleared it from the shelf? Use the 30 Days to a Decluttered Home Planner to decide whether to sell, keep, donate, or toss the items.

If you make a purchase through this link I will make a small commission. You can read more here.

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Clear the Paper Clutter

Nothing accumulates and gets out of control like papers. This is something I know all to well from helping my parents clear out the clutter.

My dad whom I love dearly, is a bit of a hoarder. He keeps everything and I mean everything!

I kid you not at one time they had 7 vacuum cleaners on their back porch, 7! And only one of them worked.

The paper clutter is what really blew me away though. My dad had boxes on top of boxes in his closet full of receipts from before I was born!

You probably think I am exaggerating, right? I wish I was, believe me.

Some of the receipts were so old they were decaying. And some had lost the ink and faded so badly you wouldn’t of known it was once a receipt.

Thankfully I was able to talk my dad into throwing those boxes out.

What we did was designated a paper zone for all new bills and receipts. After a specific time my dad agreed to throw any paid bills or receipts out.

Designate an area as a catchall for your paperwork, and always place new papers in that specific box.

I personally like to use a folder. I put all my paper bills in that folder and I throw them away once I pay them.

That way if the bill is no longer in my folder I know it paid and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

You might find that something different or similar works better for you and that is okay. Whatever it is you decided to do, stick with it.

Tip: Create a Simple File System

Designate just a few file folders to hold your most common categories of paperwork.

Then sort through the documents in your tray to file them quickly in their place. Shred any papers with important information that you no longer need.

Find a Home for 5 Things

We all have a few items that never seem to get put away. Carefully choose your five most commonly left-out items, and find special places to store them.

For our family it is shoes in the living room, dirty dishes in the sink, makeup on the bathroom sink, and clothes laying on the dryer.

One of my pet peeves is shoes in the living room especially under the coffee table. It is now a rule in our home that shoes go in the bedrooms.

Dirty dishes get put in the dish washer not the sink and makeup gets put away as soon we (my daughter and me) are done.

As far as clothes on the dryer, well this seems to be an on going problem in our home.

It is mostly my 22 year old daughter who leaves her clothes on the dryer after washing clothes. I finally got tired of asking her to pick them up so I started laying them on her bed.

No her bed isn’t a home for the clothes but they belong to her and her bed is in her room. They are also her responsibility.

Tip: Don’t continue to pick up after your family if they are grown and or capable of picking up after themselves.

Donate Three Pieces of Clothing

Clutter Free Closet

Clothes are often the worst to declutter. Choose just three pieces to give away.

Just make sure you actually give them away and don’t put them in a bag. I don’t know why but the bag will always end up right back in your closet.

To make it worth it, go through every ones clothes in the house. That way you can get a bag full and drop it off at the local Thrift Store.

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Dump Your Junk Drawer

Pick just one drawer in your home to declutter. Then dump it out. This lets you see everything at a glance and makes the sorting process easier.

Drawers you can declutter are:

  • kitchen drawers
  • desk drawers
  • dresser drawers
  • storage drawers
  • bathroom drawers
  • end table drawers
  • drawers under beds
  • night stand drawers
  • bookcase drawers

Declutter and Organize Medicines

Medicine, bandages and other health supplies should be kept together.

Tackle just your medicine cabinet, creating a neat and tidy place to keep the up-to-date items you use most regularly.

In some cases you may have over the counter medicine in the kitchen such as Tylenol or Ibprophen. Or possibly even vitamins.

We have a cabinet in our kitchen where we keep Tylenol, Ibprophen, and daily Vitamins. We keep them there because these are things we use daily and sometimes multiple times a day. If you take medications regularly consider using a medicine organizer like the one here.

However, you rarely take over the counter medicine for headaches or body pains then I highly suggest keeping all your medicine including prescription medications in the medicine cabinet.

Tip: Check expiration dates periodically. At least once a month.

Take That Bin to the Car

Once you have a few tiny tasks underway, you’ll likely end up with a sizeable amount of stuff to donate.

As I mentioned earlier if you don’t immediately put the bag or box in your car it will likely end up right back in your closet or living area.

Take the bag or box out to your car and drop it off at the nearest thrift shop.

Using a guide such as the 30 Days to a Decluttered Home Planner can help guide you in where to donate, sell, or even toss the clutter you just decluttered.

Picture Your Finished Room

See how these small decluttering tasks are adding up?

Now, take a look around and picture how your home might look when completely pared down and organized. Visualization is a powerful motivator.

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Taking small decluttering steps is easy. Soon you’ll be on your way to big life changes.

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