Why You Should Use a Declutter Planner to Declutter

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As a declutterer and a modern minimalist I often get asked about printable planners such as the Declutter Planner.

Don’t they just cause more paper clutter? Some ask. And others wonder why you should use a Declutter Planner in the first place.

Now if I had it my way I would just snap my fingers and everything would be clean and put in its place.

I’m probably telling my age here, but I used to watch Bewitched growing up and I used to wish I could twinkle my nose like Samantha and all my chores would be done. Sometimes I still secretly wish it.

But since we can’t do that I figured the next best way is to use a Declutter Planner. One that will guide us step-by-step.

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What is a Declutter Planner

A Declutter Planner is a guide that helps you keep track of many things. Such as what rooms you have already decluttered and what rooms you still need to tackle.

Most Declutter Planners like the one you can find by clicking here is a Printable Declutter Planner that allows you to print only the rooms you need or the entire planner.

The best part about Printable Planners are you use the over and over! I think this is probably my favorite part. Easy Peasy! Print what you need and toss it when you are done.

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Why Use a Declutter Planner?

Let’s be honest, if you aren’t a Throw Away Queen like myself (that is my nickname via my mom and husband) then it may be hard for you to even know where to start.

In some cases you may have a spouse that doesn’t want to declutter.

It is hard enough living life as it is. Especially if you are a mom, grandma, or even work outside the home. Things just seem to get away from us and the days seem shorter, especially in the winter.

I used to come home after working all day to cluttered counters, a cluttered table, a pile of laundry, and more. And I’m a pretty neat person!

Finally it dawned on me! We had too much clutter! We had:

  • paper clutter from the kids school
  • junk mail clutter laying on the counter
  • clothes that haven’t been worn in a year but somehow made their way back to the dirty laundry 2 x’s a week
  • books I read and would never read again
  • make up that I didn’t use and probably never would
  • dvd’s we didn’t even care for
  • cd’s (I mean come on who still uses cd’s?)
  • extra blankets that sat in our closet (My husband and I are introverts and we never have company over)

This is just some of the clutter of we had. Of course I went through our house and threw a bunch of stuff away. Most of it I threw away when my husband wasn’t home I do not condone that kind of behavior.

On a more serious note, not everyone can part with the clutter. Or maybe you just get distracted easy.

My daughter is great example of this. She has been decluttering her room for going on 8 years now! And too be honest I don’t she got rid of anything.

This is exactly why you should use a Declutter Planner or else you will ed up right back where you was in the beginning.

Declutter Planners usually come with checklist, to do’s, guides, and more. This 87-Page Declutter Planner, however, helps you decide:

  • what to throw out
  • what to keep
  • what to sell
  • what to donate
  • brainstorm where to sell or donate and so much more

It even helps you to deal with your feelings and overcome the anxiety and fear that is holding you back from decluttering.

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Why Get Rid Of Clutter?

Let’s talk about what causes clutter, what makes it so hard to declutter, and what all that extra “stuff” in our lives does to our lives.

Did you know that in this day and age we have more stuff than ever before? It’s true. And sad.

Decluttering and Minimalism have become a very hot topic not just in the US but around the world.

Think about it…

Our houses are bigger, our closets are the size of a small apartment, and garages is full of stuff that we are building sheds or renting storage units because we ran out of room.

The hard core truth is:

Clutter is a distraction!

Clutter holds us back from reaching goals and in a lot of circumstances stops many from even setting goals.

Take a second and think about all the things you have but haven’t used in a year or more.

I like to use the One Year Rule. It has worked very well in my household. Even my husband agrees!

Your home doesn’t have to be Magazine perfect at the end of the day. It simply has to work well for you and your family.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Decluttering Plan?

Clutter has a way of affecting our lives. Clutter causes you to be indecisive and often stressed out.

Clutter even causes problems you may not even be aware of. Maybe you think it’s not that bad, it’s just a little clutter, right? Or maybe you think it is just a little messy but it’s not hurting anything.

The fact is that clutter can wreak havoc with your physical, mental, and financial health.

It stopped me dead in my tracks from reaching goals, pursuing dreams, and believing I had a purpose. And it is doing the same to you. This is why you need a Decluttering Plan.

Other reasons you need a Decluttering Plan:

Clutter will have you Dwelling Over the Past

Clutter is closely tied to the inability to let go of the past. If you’re finding that you’re obsessive about the past, it manifests in the inability to get rid of things.

Looking the past as the “best of times,” may explain your inability to get rid of the clutter.

The same goes if the past wasn’t all that great. Both my parents are hoarders in their own way. And both dwell on the past.

My dad holds onto everything like receipts, bills, documents, and more. And my mom she collects stuff like jewelry and antiques that is worthless.

Listening to old stories is one of my favorite past times. But when it starts getting into dwelling and regrets I want no part of it.

Sadly that is exactly what clutter does to you.

Risking Becoming a Hoarder

Now I will be the first to admit that there is a difference between being a Clutter bug and a Hoarder. But if you are not careful get control of the clutter you are risking becoming a full blown hoarder.

Cluttered and Messy Life

If you have a lot of clutter then almost guarantee you are constantly running late, constantly losing something, and always feel stressed.

Or maybe you just worry a lot.

The fact is and it is a fact, people with lots of clutter physically also have lots of clutter mentally that makes life, in general, feel messy and out of control.

I personally believe this to be true because I know several people who have a clutter mentality.  Their entire life is a mess and it just so happens so isn’t their house.

Clutter can cause You to Gain Weight

I will be the first to admit that I don’t always want to cook. But when you are already running on fumes it’s just a lot easier to grab some fast food on your way home than it is to clean the dishes.

Clutter causes Health Issues

Yep it’s true yet again. Clutter cause respiratory issues. Clutter is most dangerous when dust mites are involved.

But it doesn’t stop there. Did you know paper clutter can attracts dust and vermin along with several other types of insects.

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A Decluttered Planner can Keep You Safe

One of the saddest and most preventable injuries among the elderly and those who live alone is falling.

Most falling can be prevented in a clutter free home.

Clutter Increases the Risk of Falling

One problem with having things in your path is the risk of falling. Even a few papers in the wrong spot can cause a person to slip and fall. Especially an elderly person.

Not only are you at risk, but anyone who visits you is in danger too.

Clutter is a Fire Hazzard

Collections of papers, even if stored away, are severe fire hazards. It doesn’t take much to start a fire when you have a cluttered environment full of papers.

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The Ultimate Benefits to a Declutter Planner

We have talked about how clutter affects our lives and how causes distress even outside of the home. But did you know that clutter weakens relationships too?

Maybe your relationship with your spouse isn’t what it used to be. Are you or have experienced any the following:

More Intimacy

If you are busy clearing off a bed full of junk just to go to sleep, you probably won’t feel much like doing anything else, right?

This can quickly lead to a marriage in trouble. Not to mention, sleeping in a bedroom with tons of stuff will not be conducive to rest.

Your bedroom should be a retreat for sleep and love making with your spouse. And a place to rest when ill.

Better Relationship with Your Children

If the mood level in your home is currently chaos a Declutter Planner will change that for sure!

The negativity will stop and relationships will be repaired. How? Because everyone will be able to find things in the morning which will make the rest of the day a breeze.

Have you ever noticed that if you have a bad morning you most likely will have a bad day too? This is because we have already set the tone for the rest of the day.

Is it time for a family meeting with the Declutter Planner?

Decluttered Finances

This is my second favorite benefit to a Declutter Planner. Decluttered finances.

Did you know that clutter can cause so much destruction it can lead to bad credit? Crazy! Right?

This happens because you will end up spending more money on replacing “lost” items or buying something you already own because you forgot that you own it since you cannot find it.

Instead you won’t have any more late fees or surprise bills.

How to know if You have too much Clutter

Having too much clutter is another great reason to have Declutter Planner but how do you know if you have too much?

Ask yourself the following:

  • Do I Have Any Clear Counter Space or Table Space?
  • Have I Ever Bought a Replacement Then Found the Item Later?
  • How Long Does It Take to Find Things I Need?
  • Does Your Family Know Where Things Should Be Kept? 
  • Do I Know Where Things Should Belong? 
  • Do I Have and Use my Garage for My Car?
  • Do I Own a Storage Unit?
  • Do I Feel Embarrassed to Invite Company Over?
  • Do I Make Excuses About How My House Looks? 
  • Is my Family Embarrassed by the Home?
  • Do I Feel Uncomfortable in My Home? 

Final thoughts on why you should use Declutter Planner

These are all signs of too much clutter and may not be cause for concern if you only have one or two of these issues. But if you have more than three then a Declutter Planner may not be all you need but it will definitely help!

Start by confronting the clutter in your home or place of business, as soon as possible.

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