5 Ways Clutter Control Can Destroy Your Life

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Does clutter overwhelm you?

Do you find that you can’t focus and sometimes you are just not sure where to even start?

This is the exact reason why many people procrastinate major projects in their life or home. Clutter can have so many affects on us.

More than the average person will ever even realize.

Clutter causes stress and anxiety. It grabs our focus and doesn’t let go. Simply attempting to cleat the clutter and get clutter control while you are stressed out from the chaos is not the answer.

No you need to face the clutter head on and get full force clutter control! Otherwise it will destroy your life!

Clearing out the clutter doesn’t just make your home look neater or more spacious. It does a lot more.

Decluttering can actually be a life-transforming process in a multitude of ways. If….. you take full clutter control of your situation.

Continue reading if you’d like to discover some tangible ways decluttering can improve your life and how to take control of the clutter once and for all.

This may just be the motivation you have been looking for to start on your own path to minimalism.

Clutter Control will Destroy Your Life By…

giving you more time

Just think of all the time you waste searching for things. Consider how often you don’t feel like doing much because your cluttered surroundings have you feeling depressed.

By simply taking back clutter control you will gain more time. How’s that for destroying your life?!?

you’ll be a lot more focused

A messy environment leads to a disorganized mind. It’s a proven fact. Being surrounded with clutter makes it hard to concentrate.

Clutter zaps your energy and causes depression, anxiety, and more. Have you ever tried to focus with brain fog? It’s horrible!

You think walking into a room and forgetting what you walked in there for is bad. Try operating on brain fog. Or what I like to call clutter fog.

Clutter control will give you an organized space that will rejuvenate you.

you will sleep so much better

By clearing the clutter, you are making more room for energy to flow freely about your bedroom. It’s true that human beings are made up of energy.

Being surrounded by energy that can circulate without obstacles allows for deeper and more restful sleep.

Get clutter control of your bedroom and take not of the difference in how you sleep.

you’ll have room for personal or spiritual growth

As a Christian I knew deep down inside that clutter was effecting my spiritual relationship with God.

Even though I have always been a very clean and neat individual, there was a time when I stayed with my parents, who are clutter bugs.

I didn’t realize it at the time but their clutter was actually affecting my personal and spiritual growth.

When you constantly have things on your mind it is hard to focus. Your mind goes 100 mph. Sadly so many don’t realize that clutter has the same exact effect on us.

However, by removing physical items from your home, you’ll not only make more space to move around but you will find that you mind is clearer.

This is why people who work from home opt for their own space, or Christians make War Rooms also known as Prayer Rooms. These are rooms with no clutter to distract them.

you’ll make some extra cash

Now I’m sure selling some of that clutter and earning some extra cash will most definitely destroy your life, right?

Or it could help you out financially.

Surely, you have some possessions lying around that would be of value to someone else. Possessions you haven’t used in quite some time but is still in great condition.

Why not gather them up and consider listing them on Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook?

The money you make from any sales can go toward a bill or savings. Or in my case a family vacation!

Final thoughts on Clutter Control

As you can see, there’s so much more to clutter control than you ever realized. This process can lead to countless positive outcomes.

All you have to do is open your mind to the possibilities that clutter control has. Hopefully, you’re feeling more motivated to start minimizing and decluttering.

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