13 Signs You Need to Clear the Clutter

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Are you unhappy with any part of your life? If so, it may be time to clear the clutter.

Clutter affects us in many ways. Probably more ways than you are even aware of. It is important that you understand that you can’t just take all of this sitting down. You really can’t.

If you feel that things are just going to blow over and things will change, guess what will happen? That’s right, your lack of contentment, lack of direction, and a general sense of unease will continue. It won’t get better unless you clear the clutter.

But what exactly is considered too much clutter? And when do you know you have too much? Below are 13 signs to look for. These are 13 signs you need to clear the clutter.

Not Enough Storage

Do you find that you don’t have enough storage? Are you paying for a storage unit or a pod? This is definitely a sign of too much clutter and sign that you need to clear the clutter.

If you have a small apartment or small house it is understandable to sometimes have to store your belongings else where such as a storage unit. But when it is it too much? Things you you should think about is do you use the items in storage? If so when and how often. Also you may want to decide if you can live without those things.

Sometimes we put things away and we forget we even have them. My husband is a great example of this. He has paintball gear from when he played on a team almost twenty years ago.

He has everything stored away at a friends house. Mostly because I refuse to allow him to bring it home. His excuse is that he paid a lot of money for the gear. I get that I really do. But here is the issue with that….. he paid a lot of money for the gear twenty years ago.

Unfortunately, none of that gear is probably worth anything today. Sometimes we just have to come to term with things like this and accept the fact that we will never get our monies worth out of it again.

More Than One of Everything

If you have more than one thing of something then it is time to clear the clutter! I have walked into peoples houses and they had a drawer full of cell phones. Why?!?

Their excuse was that if one broke they always had a back up. My next question was “Do you pay for insurance on your working phone?” and of course their answer was exactly what I expected. Yes.

Too often we have multiple items of one thing. And in many cases we don’t need two or three of that item. One will do.

It’s like having more than one Yeti Cup. What is the since in that? You can have one cup and use it for everything. Just wash it in between uses.

Or owning multiple can openers. I just purchased a bunch of stuff from Pampered Chef. Two of the things I purchased was a can opener and a cutting board. Now when my stuff comes in I will throw the old ones out. Just as I did our old pots and pans when we bought new ones.

There really is no since in having multiple items of the same thing. Such as 5 different kinds of hair spray or 3 different kinds of body wash. It is just silly and you need to clear the clutter.

Embarrassed to have Company Over

If you are embarrassed to have company over that is a tall sign you need to clear the clutter. Clutter causes embarrassment because it makes you look like a hoarder.

Even though you may not be a hoarder it has the same visual effect. Not everyone will take the time to distinguish if you are a hoarder or not. And honestly who wants to visit someone with a ton of clutter. I know I don’t.

More than One Junk Drawer

If you have more than one more junk drawer that is a sign you need to clear the clutter. Junk drawers are also clutter magnets. A clutter magnet such as a junk drawer collects, well, your junk.

There is a reason we call junk drawers, junk drawers. Because it is junk that we throw in them. I never really understood the concept of junk drawers.

We throw stuff in them only to clean them out when they become overly filled. Seriously, what is the since in that?

In my house we don’t have a junk drawer. It is simply not allowed. If we know we are not going to use a coupon with-in that week we throw it away the moment it comes into our home.

The same goes for any other junk that would normally be thrown into a junk drawer. One junk drawer is bad enough but when you have more than one it is a sign that you need to clear the clutter. Seriously.

When Cleaning is Actually Putting things into Piles

When you clean do you find yourself putting things into piles? If you answered yes then once again this is a sign you need to clear the clutter. A few years back I was visiting some family. I noticed that when my family member cleaned she always put stuff into piles.

She would sweep stuff into a pile. Stack the dishes into a pile. The laundry sat in a pile next to the washer. Clean clothes sat in their own pile on top of the dryer. And everything else, well it all had a pile too.

Every time I offered to help clean she told me that she had it under control. The truth is she didn’t. Nothing was under control.

In fact everything was out of control especially the clutter in her home. If you move things into piles when you clean then you seriously need to clear some clutter!

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Piles of Junk Mail

Piles of junk mail is one of my pet peeves. Again I never understood why folks hang onto junk mail. If you are one those folks I am not judging you. I just don’t get it is all.

I get if you keep coupons but what I don’t get is when you keep coupons that are expired and can’t be used anymore. I for one will not hold onto coupons. I refuse to. Why? Because I know I will forget them when we go to the store so I simply don’t use them.

It is just another way for clutter to build up. We do from time to time keep fast food coupons. Going out to eat is one of our favorite things to do. However, we do not keep the coupons in a pile of junk mail. We throw out any junk mail we know we will not use and keep only what we will.

We then put that coupon in my purse or my husbands glove box since we are usually in his truck when we go places. And we only keep coupons that we know we use with-in that week. Otherwise we throw them out because we will forget we have them.

Own more Makeup than You Use

If you are anything like me you love watching make-up tutorials. Sometimes I find myself wanting to buy the brushes in the tutorial or the new foundation. Thankfully though I am aware that I will probably never use it so I don’t buy it.

I have made it a point to use every bit of makeup in my make-up bag. And if you didn’t know make-up can go bad and expire. This is why it is so important to only buy make-up you use.

Besides the fact that make-up is expensive why waste your money on things you will only wear once like that glitter eye shadow?

This makes it easy to switch make-up out. For example you just ran out of eye shadow and want to buy more but a different kind. The kind you bought last season but can’t remember the brand or color.

The planner is great way to help you keep track of things like that.

You can Never Find Simple Things like Keys

Looking for your keys in the morning has got to be the most frustrating thing ever! Sadly this is clearly a sign you need to clear the clutter in your home. If you have to move stuff to find something as simple as keys then you have too much clutter.

The same goes for kids shoes or pretty much anything. When you have to search for things, especially simple things, you have a clutter problem.

By simply clearing clutter away you find things more easily. And you will have a lot more better days than not.

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Everything has a Sentimental Value

If you find that everything has a sentimental value attached then you clearly once again need to clear the clutter! Attaching sentimental value to items is and can be very dangerous for many reasons.

This is also a lame excuse not to get rid of something. A thing cannot bring back that experience, person, or feeling.

A memory however can do so much more. And that is something no one can take from you. Try taking pictures of the thing that has sentimental value. That way you can gt rid of the item or items and still have a physical memory of it.

You Buy Organizing Stuff but Never Declutter

Way too often I see folks buying organizing items to declutter but yet they never declutter. And they never get organized. Funny how that works.

The thing is you need to declutter first and then organize. If you don’t declutter and clear the clutter first you will only end up with more clutter. Which will be the organizing totes and such that you just bought.

Your Allergies are in Constant Distress

Do you find that your allergies are constantly on high attack mode? This is a sign you need to clear the clutter. Seriously, when I lived at home growing up my allergies were a constant battle. And yes my parents were and still are clutter bugs.

But when I moved into my own place being the super minimal clutter free person that I am my allergies nearly became non-existent! I didn’t even realize until after doing some research why that was. Then I put two and two together and realized clutter has a huge impact on ones allergies and of course health too.

You Use Shopping as a Form of Therapy

Who doesn’t love to shop? I love to shop both online and at actual stores. Unfortunately, shopping can become therapy for some and they shop just to shop. A lot of the times they buy things they don’t need and will never use.

I had a friend once that would go to stores like Ross and just buy stuff. When I asked why she did that she responded with “I might need it down the road.” Down the road? Will she even remember that she bought it later down the road? Will that item even still be in working condition later down the road? So many questions.

Using shopping as form of therapy is dangerous. For one you are not facing the real problem. And you are just bringing more clutter into your home. More clutter that will hold you hostage.

Yes! I said hostage. Because that is exactly what clutter does. It holds you hostage in your own home.

Expired Food in Your Ice Box and Cabinets

Finding expired food in your ice box or cabinets can be a bit frustrating. I mean that costed you money. Money that you earned and worked hard for.

What happens is you buy something shove it in the ice box or cabinet with what ever else only to forget you bought it. You go to the store and buy more of that same item pushing the other to the back.

This is yet again another sign you need to clear the clutter. How often do you find empty spice bottles or empty condiment bottles? What about empty boxes in the cabinet? What’s worse is when you find expired food that has never been opened!

Conclusion to Clearing the Clutter

Just a couple weeks ago we went on vacation. When we got home we found molded lunch meat in the ice box drawer. A full container of expensive lunch meat.

That was lunch meat we could have taken with us on our vacation. But instead we went to the store and bought more specifically for the trip.

These are all signs you seriously need to clear the clutter! Clutter affects our lives in so many ways. Probably more ways then you ever thought possible.

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