Have You Considered a Capsule Wardrobe?

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Have you ever considered a Capsule Wardrobe? In a recent post How to Get Started Decluttering and Downsizing Your Home I talked about the One Out – One In Rule. This rule works well for clothing, as it’s easy to find yourself buying fun, trendy apparel pieces that catch your eye.

Before long, your closet is overflowing, and you can’t find anything. Cue the Capsule Wardrobe.

This concept places a limit on the number of clothing items, shoes, and accessories you can have in your seasonal wardrobe, but it offers a number of advantages as well.

Growing up we never had much of anything. There were four of us kids and my parents worked but they didn’t make great money.

We had to become accustomed to hand-me downs and sometimes well wear the thing over. Maybe it is the fact that I grew up with little that I am weary of having a lot.

With out even trying I have always had a Capsule Wardrobe. In another recent post How to Clear the Clutter with the One – Year Rule I talk about decluttering by following the One Year Rule.

I would like to say I follow this rule but the truth is I like to throw things away! Why? I have no idea.

My rule is more like if you haven’t wore it this week the get rid of it. I’m not exaggerating it’s that bad. Well it isn’t bad to me. My husband on the other hand he has a problem with it.

The moment we can’t find something he accuses me of throwing it out…… okay maybe that’s true but….. I can’t help it. Clutter drives me crazy!

Want to pare down your closet with a minimalist wardrobe? Keep reading to learnt he benefits and more of a Capsule Wardrobe.

Why You Should Consider a Capsule Wardrobe

capsule wardrobe

Check out this post by Alison who wore the Same Outfit for 21 Days // Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe.

Everyone has their own reasons why a Capsule Wardrobe is a great idea. For me and my family it has many benefits.

I like that I don’t stand in my closet for hours trying to decided what to wear. Another reason a Capsule Wardrobe has worked so well for my family is because my son, who may possibly be Mildly Autistic, will only wear certain types of clothes.

Therefore it is really when shopping for him. When we finally found some jeans that fits almost perfect and doesn’t irritate him I was relieved!

Until I seen the price, anyway. The type of jeans I have to buy for him cost anywhere between $24 – $29 a pair!

Now a normal mom would probably buy her child 7 pairs of jeans, right? Not me.

I bought my son 5 pairs of jeans, 5 t-shirts (those too were not cheap), 3 hoodies (because he has to have his hoodies), and 1 pair of shoes, and of-course boxers and socks.

In the summer I do the exact same. 5 pairs of shorts, 5 t-shirts, no hoodies of-course, and the usual boxers and socks (if needed), 1 pair of shoes, and a pair of sandals.

  • About Capsule Wardrobes

The term “capsule wardrobe” was first seen in the 1970’s and has gone through various cycles of popularity.

The concept is simple. A capsule wardrobe limits your seasonal clothing and accessories to between 30 and 40 pieces, with the purpose of making it easier to find and make choices each day.

The items should coordinate and be easy to mix and match, making it fairly effortless to put together outfits that work and make you feel comfortable.

  • Capsule Wardrobe Benefits

When you have fewer items to choose from and they all go together, it’s far easier to scan your closet to find the outfit you want. You also have less waste and clutter with a capsule wardrobe.

We tend to go for our favorite pieces when we have a closet full of clothes. Much goes unworn.

When you have fewer choices to make, you’ll feel less stress and have more brainpower to expend on more important decisions.

  • How to Get Started

Paring your closet down to 40 items or less can be a challenge. As with other aspects of minimalism, you’ll gain more confidence once you get started.

Begin by choosing your ten favorite pieces. These are the ones you love and always wear.

You can build the rest around those. Ditch any items you don’t wear or that don’t fit well.

A capsule wardrobe should contain only pieces that make you feel comfortable and confident. Make sure to include a balance of tops, pants, dresses, shoes, and accessories for various settings.

Remember that you can have a different capsule wardrobe for each season, and your choices can evolve over time. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Have fun experimenting with your capsule wardrobe. Find the pieces that work well for your personal aesthetic and lifestyle.

You’ll soon get the hang of it and will see how this concept can really simplify your life.


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